A Stunning 260-Pound Makeover

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 10, 2014

About four and a half years ago, Michele Elbertson weighed 427 pounds, wore a size 32 and was told by her doctors that, if she didn't improve her lifestyle, she wouldn't live to see another four years.

Shocked by the news, Michele decided to make a change. She underwent LAP-BAND® surgery, started exercising and, in a few years' time, began to see some truly awe-inspiring changes.

Now 28, Michele weighs 174 pounds (if you're keeping score at home: that's almost 260 pounds lost in under 5 years), has completed about 38 half-marathons 7 full marathons and, just last year, her first ultramarathon (that's 50 miles, for those still keeping score). Impressed by her life-changing story, Rachael and our good friend Getta Monahan have decided to help Michele find a new look to match her brand-new body.

The goal: to give Michele a red carpet-ready look with the comfort and feel of her favorite workout clothes.

The results: television magic.

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