Busting 4 Food Myths That Could Be Sabotaging Your Diet

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Playing Watch This Before You Drown Your Salad In Dressing

Do you reach for the low-fat option or a light salad dressing, thinking you are making healthy choices? Not so fast. Dr. Ian Smith is here to bust four food myths that could be keeping you from reaching your diet and fitness goals!

No. 1: Low Fat Vs. Low Calorie

Dr. Ian stresses that just because something is marketed as being low fat does not mean that it’s healthy. There could be sugar in place of the fat and it could actually be higher calorie than a full fat option. You want to look for something that is both low-fat and low-calorie, or simply low-calorie, according to Dr. Ian.

No. 2: Whole Milk Vs. 2 Percent Milk

Dr. Ian says that there is not a huge difference between the fat content in whole milk vs. 2 percent milk, so that doesn’t mean you can drink a lot more of the 2 percent milk. You should still watch your intake of either product.

No. 3: Light Salad Dressing Vs. Regular

Dr. Ian claims that light dressing can sometimes have significantly more sugar than regular dressing.

No. 4: Granola Cereal Vs. Sugary Cereal

Dr. Ian compares a granola-type cereal with a seemingly sugary cereal. He claims that some granolas actually had more sugar and calories than the cereal that appeared to be less healthy.

Bottom line: Dr. Ian wants you to read the labels and be aware of what you’re eating rather than buying in to the marketing hype.

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