How To Maximize Your Metabolism No Matter Your Shape

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 9:00 AM, April 21, 2016

Aired April 21, 2016

Did you know that all human bodies can be classified into one of three types? Dr. Ian explains the science behind each one to help you maximize your metabolism, which he says is mostly genetic.

Endomorph – Dr. Ian says people with this body type tend to gain weight easier, are often shorter in height and are curvier with a greater deposition of fat.

Ectomorph – He says people with this body type are taller, leaner, and have a smaller frame.  He claims they can eat almost anything without gaining weight.

Mesomorph – Dr. Ian says this body type applies to the majority of people: they’re athletic, curvier, strong and can gain muscle easily.

Your body type impacts what foods may be best for you. “You may be just a variation of these, but it’s a good idea of how you should eat,” says Dr. Ian. Watch the video above as he explains.