Forget the Spoonful of Sugar! THIS is the Right Way to Take Medicine

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Playing How to Tend to a Burn + Is Liquid Medicine Better Than a Pill?

Taking medicine isn’t necessarily the greatest part of anyone’s week, but chances are it’s pretty important.

Rachael and Dr. Ian Smith get down to the medical nitty gritty with Doctor of Pharmacy, Stacia Woodcock to correct 3 common “oops” you’re-doing-it-wrong medicine moments..

1. Don’t Inhale Your Nasal Spray
You know that awesome (read: gag-inducing) taste you get when you inhale your nasal spray? According to Dr. Woodcock, that’s because you’re not supposed to inhale it! She recommends angling the spray toward the outside of your nose and not inhaling, just letting it coat your nostrils. Buh-bye terrible taste!

2. Cool Water > Anything Else for a Burn
Dr. Woodcock says putting ice directly on a burn could make the ice stick to the burn painfully, a la putting your tongue on a frozen pole (remember Ralphie?) -- she suggests submerging the burn in cool water for 15 minutes, then drying with a lint-free cloth and applying a clean bandage. Stay away from creams, toothpaste and any other remedy your friends may suggest in the heat of the moment.

3. No Need to Force Your Kids to Take Pills if They Prefer Liquid
Dr. Woodcock says besides some additional sugars and ingredients, they are pretty much the same. Though liquid often contains those sugars and can often cost more than their pill counterparts, if your kid has a fever and won’t swallow the pill, you might never have been so grateful to have the option of a liquid.

How is the occasional pill like a blueberry muffin? Watch the video and find out! And, no, the answer isn’t that they both taste great topped with a pat of melted butter.

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