This Indiana Couple Lost a Combined 308 Pounds in Just Over a Year -- Here’s How

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Playing This Indiana Couple Lost a Combined 308 Pounds in Just Over a Year -- Here’s How

When Lexi and Danny Reed got married two years ago, Lexi weighed 485 pounds and Danny weighed 280 pounds.

They were doing what a lot of us do -- spending their free time relaxing with takeout and TV and not finding time to exercise or eat healthy. Lexi was tired all the time and even got out of breath walking.

Finally, the two had had enough.

Lexi says, “We were sick of being overweight and not living the life that we wanted.”

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On January 1, 2016, they embarked on a weight loss journey together, and in a little over a year, they’ve lost a combined 308 pounds!

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DIET: First, they improved their diet. It was tough giving up their favorite comfort foods, so they started using similar seasonings to recreate the taste without the excess calories.

EXERCISE: They also committed to hitting the gym four times a week for 30 minutes, which Lexi points out wasn’t easy for her at first, since she was almost 500 pounds.

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Today, they’re not only slimmer but feel SO much better—in every way: “Mentally i feel like a completely different person,” says Lexi.

Check out their transformation in the video above and check out Dr. Ian’s slimmed-down Slammin’ Sweet Potato Pie.

All that time spent together working out and cooking healthy food together didn’t hurt their new marriage either! “It definitely improved our relationship and we became a lot closer,” Danny shares.

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That closeness is a big element of what helped them achieve their goals -- they were able to motivate each other to stick to it over the long haul.

Having a partner join in can be a great support during a weight loss journey. If you want to try this at home, Rach points out that your healthy buddy doesn’t have to be your husband or your wife -- it could be your friend or someone in your family.

To celebrate their impressive weight loss and give them a chance to enjoy some much-deserved R&R, Rach surprised them with a visit to the amazing West Baden Springs Hotel in Indiana (a trip valued at $1,250)!

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