Do This to Avoid Being Gassy and Bloated

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Playing A Doctor Answers Embarrassing Medical Questions

Dr. Anish Sheth, the Chief of Gastroenterology at The University Medical Center of Princeton, stopped by to answer some of our audience’s most embarrassing medical questions. Like -- how can you prevent gas and bloating?

Dr. Sheth says that everyone passes gas -- an average of 13-21 times per day per person, in fact.

He says certain foods like broccoli, lettuce, red wine and coffee can contribute to gassiness, so you should try to cut back on those if you’re having a problem.

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But if your diet is good, and you’re still gassy, you could have bacterial overgrowth (or SIBO: small intestine bacterial overgrowth). He says your doctor can do a simple test to determine if this is the case. If so, eating yogurt and taking probiotics can help.

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