Do These Quick Slim-Down Fixes Actually Work?

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Plagued by stubborn belly fat, a dangling “turkey neck,” or unsightly lumps and bumps? You’re not alone. These common problems affect thousands of women and with loads of products on the market claiming to cure them, it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t!

Dr. Ian Smith has three of our viewers test products claiming to target these pesky areas. Read on to see the results…



THE PROBLEM: Belly fat

THE PRODUCT: Simply Contour. Simply Contour is an undergarment that claims to flatten your abdomen, slim your waist, and lift and shape your rear. Made from an ultra-thin fabric, it breathes, expands, and compresses.

DOES IT WORK? Dr. Ian explains that the Simply Contour is aspirational. “This will show you that if you do the diet and the exercise, that’s what the results will be.” Although it was a bit hard to get on, “it feels so comfortable once it’s on,” says viewer Christine.

THE PROBLEM: Belly fat

THE PRODUCT: Nushape Lipo-Wrap. With the use of red light therapy, the Nushape Lipo-Wrap claims to help you lose 1-3 inches of fat in just one session. Our bodies absorb light energy, explains Dr. Ian, and our cells function at a higher level when exposed to it. Nushape Lipo-Wrap claims that light therapy provides numerous ways of reducing weight, decreases fat and cellulite, and improves the blood lipid profile.

DOES IT WORK? Our viewer Sandra tested the Nushape Lipo-Wrap. “There were no immediate results,” says Sandra, “but the instructions say to try it out two or three more times, at least every other day.” After using the product several more times, on our show, Sandra revealed a 2-inch loss. Dr. Ian says that while products like the Nushape Lipo-Wrap may not be a permanent fix, they still may work for some. “If you want to get out the door and don’t want to spend $10,000 in the plastic surgeon’s office, it’s no harm, no foul.”


THE PROBLEM: A saggy neck

THE PRODUCT: ChinUp Mask. Many ladies are self-conscious about their neck areas and Nancy was no exception. After losing a whopping 48 pounds through diet and exercise, Nancy felt her face was beginning to sag due to extra skin. “People call it ‘turkey neck,’ and as we age, it becomes a problem for people,” Dr. Ian explains. “That’s because as we age, we lose our collagen. The collagen is the tissue that helps keep the structure in your skin.” Nancy tried the ChinUp mask, a non-surgical product that claims to reduce the appearance of sagging skin in just minutes, but with results that last for days. The product involves using a patented serum, following by a slimming band.

DOES IT WORK? Our viewer Nancy saw her measurement go from 8 ¼-inches to 7 ¾-inches after trying the ChinUp. “This [result] won’t be permanent,” cautions Dr. Ian, “but if you’ve got 30 minutes and you want to do it every once in awhile, why not?” The product claims the results can be maintained with regular use.


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