Celeb Trainer Bob Harper Answers: Should I Eat Before or After Working Out?

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Playing Celeb Trainer Bob Harper Answers: Should I Eat Before or After Working Out?

If you're taking the time and energy to exercise and stay fit, you obviously want the best possible results -- so does that mean eating before or after your workout session?

"It depends on what your goal is," our buddy and personal trainer Bob Harper tells us before breaking down two options.

Either way, though, you should eat a meal after you work out.

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Eat before AND after, Bob suggests.

(But save the full meal for after!)

About 45 minutes before you work out, he says, load up on protein, fat and carbs with something simple, like a protein shake.

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IF you're able to work out on an empty stomach (everybody’s different, so listen to your body and consult a professional!), eat a solid meal only after working out, the personal trainer advises.

(This way, your body is burning existing fat.)

An ideal post-workout meal, according to Bob? Chicken breast, green beans, avocado and brown rice. (Sounds like a reward to us!)

And don’t wait too long, either!

"Whatever it is that you’re going to be having to eat for that day," he goes on, "make sure that you eat within an hour after your workout."

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