Feeling Bloated? Eat These 4 Foods ASAP to Debloat

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Playing Feeling Bloated? Eat These 4 Foods ASAP to Debloat

We know the difference between belly fat and bloating, and we know what causes bloating, but how can you REDUCE bloating once it’s already happened?

By eating!

Eating what, you ask?

Look no further for answers! We have them right here, courtesy of board-certified practicing gastroenterologist Dr. Roshini Raj.


"Most of us know that [a cucumber] depuffs your eyes," the doc says of the common beauty practice, "[but] it actually can [also] do the same thing for your intestines."

Yes, cucumbers actually have the ability to reduce inflammation and swelling INSIDE your body, too!

(More cucumber water over here, please!)

TRY THIS: Ghetto Gastro's Cucumber Salad

Not a cucumber fan, though? Dr. Roshini says papayas have a similar anti-inflammatory effect on your intestines.

So take your pick!

TRY THIS: Thai Salad (with Papaya!)


Fruits that are high in potassium -- like oranges and bananas -- can help regulate your salt/water balance.

"We know sodium makes you more bloated and [makes you] retain water," the gastroenterologist explains, "so having high potassium foods are also good for bloating."

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