What's the Healthiest Kind of Juice for Kids?

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Playing What's the Healthiest Kind of Juice for Kids?

"I have a son who will only drink juice. What is the healthiest kind I should be giving him?"
— Lindsay from Newburgh, NY

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a family physician who specializes in parenting and youth development, does not recommend juice for kids!

It's tempting to think that anything with fruit in the name is healthy, but fruit and fruit juice “are not at all the same," explains Dr. Deborah. "You lose all the protein. Plus, they add a ton of sugar!"

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Welp. But the good news is we have an alternative! Dr. Deborah suggests infusing water with fruit.

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Just cut up your children’s favorite fruit (you can even let them help so they feel in control, the doctor recommends), add it to a pitch of water, allow it to sit for a few hours to infuse and then drain the water to separate it from the fruit.

You can also use an infusion water bottle, like the one below, if you don’t want to have to drain anything!

Rachael Ray Show

"You don’t get the protein that you would from eating the whole fruit," the doc explains of fruit-infused water, "but you don’t get the added sugar."

We’ll take it!

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