Rach's Dentist Dr. Guido Says This Is The Best Kind of Toothpaste for Whiter Teeth

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 1:54 PM, January 9, 2018

Aired January 10, 2018

We can all agree that the toothpaste aisle can be rather overwhelming. Seriously, where do we even begin?!

Well, according to Rach’s dentist -- Dr. Guido Sarnachiaro -- you should at least be looking out for one important word.

"The most important thing is fluoride," Dr. Guido explains. "You want a toothpaste that has fluoride, because it’s anti-cavity."

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No cavities? Yes, please!

And if you’re hoping to go a step further -- as in having really, really white teeth -- Dr. Guido suggests looking out for toothpastes with specific whitening agents, such as hydrogen peroxide.

"But you have to be consistent [with] using that toothpaste," Dr. Guido stresses. (A.K.A. You can’t use it and lose it after a week or so and still expect super pearly whites.)

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Now, with all of this said, the options are still ENDLESS and everyone’s dental needs are different (teeth sensitivities, gum disease and diet are all deciding factors) -- so you should always consult your dental professional before committing to a specific toothpaste.