Move Over Matcha and Kale, THIS is the New Super-Green You Could Be Adding to Your Smoothie (or Guac)

by Cristina Corvino 3:00 AM, January 18, 2018

Aired January 18, 2018

If your taste buds just never got along with matcha (it IS pretty bitter), we may have a milder alternative for you!

When celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman visited our show to give us the lowdown on the superfoods of 2018, she dished on moringa (which Rach had never heard of!).

"Moringa comes from a plant," Keri explains. "And you can actually eat the entire plant."

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While you likely won’t find the actual leaves on store shelves, you’ll come across moringa powder (which is essentially pulverized moringa leaves) in health food stores.

And you guessed it, it’s jam-packed with nutrition!

"[Moringa] is going to have more iron and more protein than spinach," Keri reveals.

Not to mention it has compounds that may help protect your liver, kidneys AND heart, she says.


You can seamlessly incorporate it in your everyday diet by adding a teaspoon of it to a smoothie or even guacamole (YES, guacamole).

You can also simply add it to hot water -- like Keri does -- to make a moringa tea.

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"Sometimes matcha can taste a little bitter to people," Keri says, "and this doesn’t taste that way at all."


As always, you should check with your doctor before making any dietary changes.