Here's EXACTLY What's In Black Lemonade and Why the Internet Says It's Good for Detoxing

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You've probably heard of black lemonade (or activated charcoal lemonade) because it’s SO trendy right now.

But how does it stack up against other superfoods, like moringa and bee pollen?

Well, according to celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman, though people have used activated charcoal for centuries to detoxify their bodies, it’s not the most necessary.

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"You don’t necessarily need it,” Keri explains, “but people need to know what it’s about."

In other words, as Keri puts it, if you’re eating healthy, whole foods -- like fruits and vegetables -- and your water and fiber intake are sufficient, you shouldn’t need a detoxifier like activated charcoal.

But regardless, she’s here to tell you what it’s all about!

"Charcoal comes from the pits of the olive or coconut shells or wood,” Keri says. “And it’s heated at a high temperature and processed to become active, so activated charcoal is what you can eat."

"When [charcoal] activates, it creates all these small pores,” she continues. “And then those pores -- when you consume [activated charcoal] -- actually act like a sponge and grab those toxins."

With that in mind, fair warning to people taking medications: According to Keri, activated charcoal can also absorb medication, so ALWAYS consult your doctor before adding it to your diet.

Another heads up?

"[Activated charcoal] is not the charcoal from your barbecue,” Keri stresses. “So do not go and eat the barbecue [charcoal]."


So, now that you have all the facts, if you’re interested in hopping on the trendy bandwagon (and your doc gives you the go-ahead to do so), black lemonade is simply made with activated charcoal powder, water, fresh lemons and honey!

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And guess what?! It tastes better than it looks!

"No kidding," Rach admits, “it tastes like lemonade!”

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