Dr. Oz Says You Should Drink This Instead of Coffee If You're ALWAYS Tired

by Cristina Corvino 3:00 AM, February 2, 2018

Aired February 2, 2018

If, like one of our viewers who happens to be a busy mom, you think your morning coffee is giving you the energy you need to make it through the day, we have some bad news for you.

Well, actually, Dr. Oz does!

"It's actually just taking the energy you have in your energy bank and giving it back to you," he says of the "false promise" that is coffee. "So you actually want to get real energy."

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How do you get that?

Well, the doc says that the number one driver of energy is actually hydration -- and you CAN make drinking water a bit more fun with Dr. Oz’s Energy-Boosting Water!

(Spoiler: The main ingredient? Strawberries!)

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Aside from hydrating properly, the author of “Food Can Fix It” also advises against making coffee the first drink you have in the morning.

Have hot water with lemon instead!

"The lemon juice gets your intestines to start working better," he explains.

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And if you just can’t bear to kick coffee to the curb altogether (the way Dr. Oz has!), you can counteract your caffeine intake by eating cruciferous veggies, the doctor suggests.

"These will actually help your liver metabolize the caffeine faster."