In Spain, They Swear by THIS Tea to Stave Off Colds

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Playing In Spain, They Swear by THIS Tea to Stave Off Colds

A way to keep the colds at bay? (Including the proper way to wash your hands.) We're all ears!

"Research has shown that people who eat garlic regularly have fewer colds," says “The Doctors” star Dr. Travis Stork. "The Spanish take it further with garlic tea."

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As Dr. Travis explains, people in Spain like to cut garlic cloves in half and pop them in warm water, let that sit for a bit, and then add some honey and lemon.

"They'll drink this two to three times a day during the cold and flu season," says Dr. Travis. "There's some science behind this!"

Rach wasn't quite convinced! "I mean, I eat a lot of garlic, it's always in my system. I know garlic is good for you," she says. "But garlic tea? I don't know."

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"Interestingly, people who eat garlic get fewer colds," says Dr. Travis.

But he added, "The one thing that I always wonder is, do you think it's because people who eat garlic, no one wants to hang around them?"

Appalled, Rach says, "Thanks a lot, Trav!"

Well played, Doc!

As always, be sure to consult your doctor before making any dietary changes.

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