Did You Know the Thing That Makes Chili Peppers Spicy Can Also Help Relieve Pain?

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Playing Did You Know the Thing That Makes Chili Peppers Spicy Can Also Help Relieve Pain?


We knew we loved chili peppers — isn't everything better with a little bit of ZING? — but we didn't know just how much chili peppers were actually good for.

"People in Mexico use a lot of hot chili peppers in their cooking, which can be good for the immune system and have been shown to boost metabolism," says Dr. Travis Stork.

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He does warn, "I wouldn’t recommend eating chili peppers whole because they’re very hot, but using spices in your cooking in general can be a good thing!"

You'll get no argument from us!

But here's where chili peppers get even more interesting: their key ingredient, capsaicin, is commonly found in over-the-counter topical treatments, because it's great for pain relief!

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"They help prevent some of the pain signals to your brain," Dr. Travis explains. "Both internally and externally, in Mexico, they're onto something!"

We couldn't agree more!

Want to try cooking with chili peppers? Here are a few recipes to try!

1. Rachael’s Chili Dogs
2. Rachael’s Chicken Cacciatore with Roasted Peppers
3. Rachael’s Extra Spicy Linguini with Sausage, Chili Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes and Arugula

As always, be sure to consult your doctor before making any dietary changes.

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