How to Control Annoying Breast Sweat

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Playing How to Control Annoying Breast Sweat | Dr. Kristi Funk

Ladies, do your breasts sweat?

If they do, *don't sweat it* -- you're not alone!

In fact, Dr. Kristi Funk -- one of the most renowned breast surgeons in the world, whose patients include Angelina Jolie and Sheryl Crow -- says so!

(And she says the issue *does* tend to worsen in your 40s or as you tiptoe towards menopause.)

"Your breasts [are] covered in skin," the breast surgeon explains, "and skin has a bunch of sweat glands."

(She's talking 155 sweat glands per every square centimeter on the chest alone. What?!)

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But don't worry, there *are* ways to beat the breast heat! ?

(And you definitely want to, because trapped sweat could lead to rashes and fungal infections, Dr. Funk stresses!)

The doctor says to make sure you're super dry after showering -- not only with a towel, but with a hairdryer, too!

"Lift your breast up, get a hairdryer about a foot away, and dry that skin," Dr. Funk suggests.

You can also use talcum powder, she suggests.

And if the hairdryer and powder don't do the trick, try using deodorant or antiperspirant under your breasts.

"Despite what you may have thought or heard, there is absolutely no scientific link between antiperspirants and deodorants and breast cancer," the breast surgeon says. "Not in the aluminum, not in toxins, not in parabens. It's safe."

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