In Honor of Veteran's Day, Meet the Animals Who Have Helped the Troops!

by Rose Marie Walano 1:50 PM, November 9, 2017

Aired November 10, 2017

You all know that here at the Rachael Ray Show, we love our animals! So this Veteran's Day, we're not only honoring the troops — we're also honoring the four-legged friends that have helped them!

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While serviceman enjoyed the show from the front row, our friend, animal expert Jarod Miller, came through with three animals that have been HUGE assets to soldiers all over the world through the years:

A mule (which, by the way, is a mix of a mini donkey and a mini horse)…

A red fox…

and a penguin!


(See them all in the video above!)

And Rachael loved them all! (Well, she WAS a little nervous about the fox!)

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Jarod explained that while animals like the mule have helped troops carry supplies into battle — a crucial task! — critters like the fox and the penguin have had another purpose: to boost morale.

"During all these wars, you want to keep your troops up, and believe it or not, mascots have become a very important thing — even on the front lines of battle!" says Jarod.

Here's to the cutest mascots we've ever seen!

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