Meet The Incredible 11-Year-Old Who Makes Bow Ties For Dogs to Help Them Get Adopted

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It's no secret that we LOVE animals around here!

In fact, in honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, we invited four pups -- Duke, Sadie, Cody and Charlie -- from North Shore Animal League America to our studio so all of you could see how amazing they are.

Are we right or are we right?

And if you notice, they're wearing the most adorable little bow ties to complement their sweet faces.

Where'd the bow ties come from, you ask? Well, Darius -- an inspiring 11-year-old viewer and bow tie designer from Newark, NJ -- made them!

Darius was inspired by his sister to make bow ties for people after she began making her own hair bows. But it wasn't until he saw a post on Facebook that he thought to make bow ties for pups and start his own company called Beau and Paws.

"During Hurricane Harvey and Irma," Darius explains, "I saw all the destruction that was happening and I wanted to help, but I didn't know [how]."

"So I follow a shelter on Facebook, and I noticed that dogs were being transported from Texas to New York," he continues, "so I thought, 'If I donate some of my bow ties to the shelter, then the dogs would get adopted faster!'"


Now, we're not the only ones noticing the amazing job Darius is doing!

According to his Instagram -- which has over 17,000 followers! -- President Obama even sent him a letter in March commending his work. (How cool is that?!)

And because they *love* what Darius is doing just as much as we all do, Jo-Ann -- a fabric and craft store -- wanted to help.

So they sent us a $1,000 Jo-Ann gift card to give to Darius!

Watch the video above to see how grateful he was.

To get more information on puppies that are up for adoption through North Shore Animal League America, visit their website!

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