• Italian meats -- prosciutto, sopressata, bresaola, salami, anything your friends and family enjoy
  • Cheese -- Rachael's faves include Robiola, Provolone, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Boursin.
  • Bread or celery sticks -- put the bread sticks or celery sticks in fun glasses; its best if you find ones that are taller with a larger mouth like water glasses. This will give some height to your snacking platter.
  • Mixed nuts -- a glass that has a small mouth, like a brandy snifter, is perfect for nuts! Instead of digging through a bowl that everyones got their hands in, guests will have to pour the nuts into their hand because of the small opening.
  • Olives -- rocks glasses work well to put olives in. Be sure to put out an empty dish for the pits!
  • Jams and honey -- Rachaels favorites are fig jam and farmstand honey
  • Artichokes, peppers and tomatoes -- roasted and marinated veggies tend to have a bit of liquid in them so it's best to use a small bowl or dish for these. Not too big though, you dont want it to take to much room on the cutting board.


Serves: as much or as little as you want!


Assemble everything on a large cutting board or butcher block and have a cup of toothpicks handy!