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Playing Five-Minute Party Starter Antipasto Platter


  • Italian meats (prosciutto, soppressata, bresaola, and/or salami -- basically anything that ends with an "O," an "A," or an "I")
  • Cheese (Rachael's favorites include Robiola, Provolone and Boursin)
  • Bread or celery sticks
  • Mixed nuts
  • Olives
  • Artichokes, peppers and tomatoes


Serves: as much or as little as you want!


Assemble all ingredients on a large cutting board.

Serving suggestions:

Rachael like to add a little flair to the Boursin by topping it with store-bought pesto and strips of sun-dried tomatoes.

Put the bread or celery sticks in fun glasses; it's best if you can find ones that are taller with a larger mouth like water glasses. This will give some height to your snacking platter.

A glass that has a small mouth, like a brandy snifter, is perfect for nuts! Instead of digging through a bowl, guests will pour the nuts into their hand because of the small opening.

Rocks glasses work well to put olives in. Be sure to put out an empty dish for the pits!

Roasted and marinated veggies tend to have a bit of liquid in them, so it's best to use a small bowl or dish for these. Not too big though, you don't want it to take too much room on the cutting board.