9 Deliciously Creative Ways to Use Your Harvest this Apple-Picking Season

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired September 10, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

It’s apple picking season! If you love to head out to the orchards with your family, but find yourself overwhelmed by the bushels of apples you end up with, here are 9 delicious ways to cook them!

No. 1: Cinnamon-Dusted Autumn Apple Chips

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How’s this for an unprocessed treat? These delicious apple chips feature two ingredients: apples and cinnamon!

Tip: When using a mandoline for slicing fruits and vegetables, be sure to use the finger guard so you don’t accidentally cut yourself.

No. 2: Caramel Apple Pancakes

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For these delicious treats, core and peel an apple, then cut rings. Put a ring right on to your griddle, then spoon prepared pancake batter over it, and cook as you would normally cook a pancake. Yum!

No. 3: Mason Jar Lid Apple Pies

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If you want all the flavor of apple pie, but don’t have a crowd to feed, you can try these individual mini apple pies, made right in the lid of a mason jar!

No. 4: Kelsey Nixon’s Pork and Apple Meatballs with Quinoa

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These deliciously sweet and savory meatballs feature the superfood quinoa, as well as grated apple for an added flavor boost! Why not get your kids involved in prepping them, since they will have fun rolling the meat into balls!

No. 5: Hudson’s Good Morning Juice

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This really fun breakfast juice from Curtis Stone is a great way to make use of your apples since it’s delicious, and the playful green color will make it easy to convince your family to drink their vitamins!

No. 6: Apple Bread Pudding with Caramel Dessert Sauce

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When you get home from the apple orchard with your freshly picked apples, this is the perfect dessert to make, especially if you’re feeding a crowd! Throw the ingredients in the crockpot and let it cook, then just make the sauce to drizzle on top when you’re ready to serve.

No. 7: Pork and Veal Schnitzels with Red Cabbage, Apple Sauce & Potato Pancakes

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For this German dish, veal schnitzel is served with a thyme-infused applesauce and red cabbage that also features apples. What could be more perfect for an autumn dinner?

No. 8: Maple Bourbon Apple Pie

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A little booze in your apple pie? Yes, please. The recipe combines granny smith apples, butter, salt, spices and 2 ounces of bourbon to really upstage a classic apple pie.

No. 9: Braised Pork with Fennel, Apples and Onions

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If you’re looking for another savory idea, this delicious braised pork will satisfy the whole family, and is the perfect meal for a chilly fall evening.

What’s your favorite dish to make with apples? Share below!

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