Rachael's Corn on the Cob Tip Will Totally Change the Way You Cook

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Playing Rachael’s Corn on the Cob Tip Will Totally Change the Way You Cook

If you’ve ever tried to slice corn off the cob, you probably got corn all over your kitchen! You end up losing half the corn which scatters all over the counters and even the floor! Rach has a brilliant and easy solution!

Take a small bowl and invert it inside a large bowl. Stand your corn up on the upside-down bowl, holding it at the top with your hand, and slice downward with a sharp knife, being sure to keep your hands out of the way. All the corn will fall into the bigger bowl, and you don’t lose any and don’t have a mess to clean up! Brilliant!

Rach suggests getting some fresh sweet corn from your local farmstand now, while it’s still in season, and freezing it so that you can enjoy sweet corn all year round!

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