Stocking Up On These 9 Staples Could Save Your Thanksgiving Dinner

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Playing Rachael Ray: 9 Thanksgiving Staples You Need to Buy

Everyone has experienced this – you have planned an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner and at the last minute you realize you are out of a humble-but-important ingredient like baking powder. And most stores are closed on Thanksgiving so you’re out of luck! But if you plan ahead and stock up on the nine items below, you will have nothing to worry about when Turkey Day arrives!

No. 1: Boxed Stock

Rachael says this is her number one item you need in your pantry for Thanksgiving since it can rescue a turkey that didn’t come out the way you planned, can be used to make soup out of overcooked veggies, and even to make extra gravy. You need this on Turkey Day!

No. 2: Baking Basics

Double check your basic baking items like baking powder, baking soda, flour, sugar, etc. before Thanksgiving to make sure they haven’t expired.

No. 3: Coffee and Tea

Stock up on both caffeinated and decaf coffee and tea so that you are sure to have this on hand for your guests.

No. 4: Spices

Go through your spices and toss and replace anything that is past its prime.

No. 5: Dairy

Make sure you have butter, milk and half and half or heavy cream on hand, as you will need this for a variety of reasons.

No. 6: Cooking Oils

Make sure you have adequate fresh cooking oils and that they’re not rancid.

No. 7: Food Storage

You can’t have enough plastic food storage, plastic baggies and tin foil on hand for packaging up leftovers.

No. 8: Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

The last thing you want on Thanksgiving is to run out of paper goods with a houseful of guests and no stores open. Stock up on this ahead of time!

No. 9: Oven Thermometer

Before Thanksgiving, make sure to test your oven to make sure it’s running true to temperature. You don’t want to find that out day of when your turkey isn’t cooking fast enough and you have a table full of people waiting to eat!

What would you add to this list? Share below, and watch Rachael and Curtis Stone answer Thanksgiving questions!

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