3 Mouthwatering Ways to Fry Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired November 17, 2015

Want to save some time and get a flavor boost this Thanksgiving? Why not deep-fry your turkey? Our Southern-fried-everything expert John McLemore has three amazing recipes.

No. 1: John McLemore’s Savory Fried Turkey

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For this recipe, inject your turkey with marinade to ensure your bird doesn’t dry out. Then, fry your turkey according to the specific safety instructions for your frying device.

No. 2: John McLemore's Honey-Glazed, Roasted Pecan Deep-Fried Turkey Breast

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This decadent turkey breast couldn’t be more enticing. Start by injecting a turkey breast with chicken broth, then deep fry according to your fryer’s instructions. Then, make a glaze of roasted pecans, honey and butter and pour it over your breast on a serving platter.

No. 3: John McLemore's Ranch Fried Turkey and Buffalo Sauce

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Ranch flavor is infused into this turkey! What, what!?! Yes, you heard right! John makes a marinade with Ranch dressing packets, and he injects it into the turkey, then fries it and serves it with buffalo sauce! Wow!

And why stop there? You can deep-fry your sides too! Check out the fried versions of four traditional Thanksgiving side dishes, and watch below to see John make his deep-fried turkey breast:

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