9 Delectable Dessert Recipes You Loved in 2015

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 21, 2015

It’s the time of year to reflect on the past 12 months, and we’re doing that by revealing 9 of the most popular desserts of the year! From cheesecake to cannoli to a brownie in a mug – read on for some of your favorite treats in 2015!

Italian Ricotta Cheesecake

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This rich and splendid treat from Cake Boss Buddy Valastro would be a beautiful centerpiece of any dessert table.

Buddy Valastro’s Classic Cannoli

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Ever wanted to learn how to make a cannoli like a classic Italian baker? Now’s your chance! Buddy shares the secret ingredient that gives the shell its signature bubbles – white vinegar! Who knew?

Valerie Bertinelli's Sicilian Love Cake

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Our readers loved this moist and rich cake from Valerie Bertinelli! She starts with a simple chocolate cake mix, prepares the batter, and pours into a greased cake pan. Then, she mixes up a blend of mascarpone cheese, ricotta cheese, sugar and eggs, and pours over the top. The two layers combine to make a delicious marbled cake, which she tops with a chocolate frosting.

Ryan Scott’s Brownie in a Mug

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If you’ve ever had a craving for a brownie, but didn’t want to take the time to bake a whole tray – this recipe is for you! Ryan Scott shows you how to make a brownie in your microwave! Amazing!

Buddy Valastro’s Brownies

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You’re probably thinking, “But, I’ve made brownies before.” Well, you haven’t made the Cake Boss’ recipe, full of ooey-gooey, chocolate-y, fudgey, sticky-fingered amazingness.

Cookies and Cream Fudge

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For something different, why not make this three-ingredient Cookies and Cream fudge? Just melt some white chocolate with a can of sweetened condensed milk and mix in a whole package of crushed Oreos. Pour into a wax-paper-lined dish, let set, and slice!

Grant’s No-Measure Peanut Butter Cookies

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Our cookie whiz, Grant, came up with this super-simple recipe for peanut butter cookies that will help you take stress, time and, best of all, measuring out of baking.

Grant’s Gluten-Free Apple Pie

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These days, many people are avoiding gluten, so this is a perfect recipe to have on hand. The crust is made with a cupboard staple – gluten-free oats! Grant makes his own oat flour in the food processor, then makes a crust that he presses into the dish. He fills the crust with apple pie filling, and then tops it with a crumble topping. So yummy!

Grant’s No-Measure Yogurt Cake

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Many people are turned off by baking because of all that precise measuring you have to do. For those who are looking for an easy (and delicous) short cut, try Grant's no-measure Yogurt Cake, which, as you might guess, requires no measuring cups or spoons. You can thank us, later.

Did your favorite dessert recipe that we posted in 2015 make the list? Share below, and watch Buddy demonstrate how to make his cannoli!

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