3 New Mac and Cheese Recipes that Will Totally Blow Your Mind

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Meet a Woman Who Can't Even Make Mac and Cheese Aired January 12, 2016

From a Steakhouse Mac and Cheese to a Fried Chicken Mac and Cheese, Top Chef winner Richard Blais is here to teach one viewer how to make an amazing plate of cheesy goodness – three different ways!

Meet Ashley, a viewer from New Jersey, who once almost broke all of her friend’s teeth by making a mac and cheese with uncooked macaroni! Richard Blais is here to show her how to do it right!

Mac and Cheese Base Recipe

Richard shares the classic (and actually quite simple) method for preparing a mac and cheese. He starts with a roux, makes a béchamel sauce, then adds cheese, and of course, macaroni (a little undercooked because it will keep cooking in the oven)! Next, Richard kicks it up a notch with some truly astonishing mix-ins.

French Onion Mac and Cheese

Richard adds caramelized onions and crème fraiche (or sour cream) into the macaroni, and then tops with a little gruyere, breadcrumbs and butter before you pop into the oven.

Fried Chicken Mac and Cheese

For this one, Richard mixes in leftover fried chicken, leftover cooked collard greens and pimento cheese. He tops this with crumbled biscuits.

Steakhouse Mac and Cheese

Richard mixes in chopped leftover steak, horseradish, bacon bits, cheese, sour cream and leftover creamed spinach. He then tops it with breadcrumbs and potato chips. Which one of these do you want to make first? Tell us below!


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