16 Deliciously Cheesy Recipes You Have to Make for National Cheese Lovers’ Day

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Do you love cheese? I mean, do you really love cheese? If so, keep reading because we have a whopping 16 recipes that feature creamy, melty, yummy cheese deliciousness!

No. 1: Chipotle Chicken Nacho Casserole

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This nacho casserole is perfect for game day, or any day really! Rachael “tiles” her chips, smoky chipotle chicken, and cheese so that the ingredients are well distributed, heats, and then tops with salsa, jalapenos and sour cream. Nothing wrong with any of that!

No. 2: Pizza Masters’ Vodka Pizza

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What is the perfect vehicle for cheese? Pizza of course! Learn how to make a quintessential New York style thin crust pizza from Francis Garcia and Sal Basille, the stars of Cooking Channel’s Pizza Masters, and co-owners of NYC’s Artichoke Basille's Pizza.

No. 3: Mary Giuliani’s Maco (Mac and Cheese Taco) with Guacamole

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Entertaining expert Mary Giuliani starts with homemade mini tortilla cups, made by cutting tortillas into small circles and baking in a mini muffin tin. Then, she makes a five-cheese mac and cheese, spoons it into her tortilla cups, and garnishes with guacamole. Yum!

No. 4: Trisha Yearwood’s Cheese Boat

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Sure, you could serve a regular ol' plate of cheese to your party guests -- but why not go the extra mile by making Trisha Yearwood’s incredibly delicious -- not to mention time-saving -- cheese boat? Your guests will eat it up in the amount of time it took you to make it (hint: mere minutes), then spend the rest of the party asking how they can make it themselves.

No. 5: Carbonara Mac ‘n Cheese Soufflé

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Bacon, cheese and pasta? Yes, please! It doesn’t get more decadent than this carbonara mac ‘n cheese soufflé!

No. 6: Buffalo Wing Grilled Cheese

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This recipe starts with hot wings. Go ahead, order some for delivery, we’ll wait. Okay, now that your wings have arrived, take the meat off the bones (while retaining the sauce, of course) and pour any extra sauce over the shredded meat. Rach then layers sliced sharp cheddar, a tiny bit of crumbled blue cheese, a sprinkling of scallions, then another couple slices of sharp cheddar on bread. Amazing!!!

No. 7: The Super Melt

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This delish melt starts with rye bread and features sautéed caramelized onions, sauerkraut, cheddar AND swiss cheese, and a pre-cooked sirloin patty. Tip: When you put your melts onto the griddle, you want to cook it low and slow, so as not to toast your bread before the cheese melts.

No. 8: Cheese and Bacon Wrap

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This recipe came to us courtesy of an adorable kid chef! He just takes a sheet of puff pastry and tops it with cheddar cheese and crumbled bacon, then rolls, slices and bakes! Perfect party snack.

No. 9: Queso Dip Mac 'n Cheese

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Mac and cheese that features all the flavors of queso dip? Yum! And you can even eat it with tortilla chips! Amazing!

No. 10: Jacques Pepin's Fondue with Pesto

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What better way to eat your cheese than via bread dipped in a creamy fondue? This recipe came to us from legendary chef Jacques Pepin.

No. 11: BLT Nachos

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Who says you can’t have nachos for dinner? These nachos feature a fresh pico de gallo salsa, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and sour cream. Oh, and how could we forget – BACON! Delish.

No. 12: Warm Feta Dip with Artichokes

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Mix artichoke hearts with tangy, salty feta cheese, mayo, parmesan cheese, garlic and sweet pimientos, pop it into the oven for about 20 minutes and voila! You just made the best party dip, ever.

No. 13: Lasagna Bolognese

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Fabio Viviani’s rich Bolognese-style meat lasagna is the real deal, and is so special that it made our second list of “Foods to Make Before You Die.” Fabio evens challenges you to make your own pasta – why not?

No. 14: Ranch Goat Cheeseball Present

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This elevated cheeseball features an elegant presentation that would make it a great appetizer to bring to a potluck. The earthiness of goat cheese is balanced with the freshness of sour cream, dill and chives.

No. 15: Hot and Spicy Cheese Twists

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Clinton Kelly transforms basic puff pastry with only cheese, herbs and some egg wash and milk, into a deliciously elegant snack you can set out on your coffee table for your guests to munch on!

No. 16: Croque Madame

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This rich, French-inspired dish is a perfectly elegant lunch or brunch treat. The mouthwatering sandwich is served open-face, and features toast with browned, melted cheese, a fried egg, and a rich French Mornay sauce.

What’s your favorite way to cook with cheese? Share below.

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