9 Spicy Buffalo-Flavored Snacks to Make for the Big Game

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From Buffalo Joes to a Buffalo cheeseball to a Buffalo grilled cheese – if you and your friends and family love the spicy flavor of Buffalo, look no further than this giant list of recipes!

No. 1: Emeril Lagasse's Chicken Wings

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Want to do buffalo-style chicken wings like Emeril does? He shares his magic method for crispy fried wings dipped in hot sauce. Yum!

No. 2: Buffalo Joes with Blue Cheese and Carrot-Celery Slaw Relish

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These buffalo “Joes” blend the flavors of wings with the sandwich delivery of a Sloppy Joe. Yum!

No. 3: Buffalo Wing Grilled Cheese

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This recipe starts with hot wings. Go ahead, order some for delivery, we’ll wait. Okay, now that your wings have arrived, take the meat off the bones (while retaining the sauce, of course) and pour any extra sauce over the shredded meat. Rach then layers sliced sharp cheddar, a tiny bit of crumbled blue cheese, a sprinkling of scallions, then another couple slices of sharp cheddar on bread. Amazing!!!

No. 4: Buffalo Cheeseball

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A buffalo-wing-style cheeseball? Yes, please! This recipe combines cream cheese, sour cream, blue cheese, pretzels, cheddar, hot sauce and minced veggies for a creamy, tangy, spicy flavor explosion. Serve with carrots and celery sticks. Yum!

No. 5: Ohio-Buffalo Chips

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Kettle potato chips are loaded with a creamy cheese sauce, blue cheese, hot sauce, chopped carrots, celery and onion. Please, make two trays. This will go fast!

No. 6: Tina Wu’s Buffalo Bacon Corn

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This corn on the cob feels like a meal! First you make a buffalo sauce by mixing butter, slightly cooked garlic, salt and hot sauce. Tina slathers the sauce onto the corn, and sprinkles with bacon, blue cheese, and celery.

No. 7: Buffalo Chicken Potato Casserole

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This mouth-watering casserole is definitely a treat! You just layer rotisserie chicken and potatoes, with a delish buffalo bechamel sauce and cheese! Delish!

No. 8: Buffalo Chicken Sliders

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Kelsey Nixon starts with boneless, skinless chicken thighs (super affordable and really tender), which she slow cooks in a spicy sauce featuring tomato sauce, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, molasses, garlic and onion. Once the chicken is fully cooked, shred with two forks and toss with the sauce. Next, Kelsey makes a yummy blue cheese aioli by combining blue cheese, thyme garlic and lemon. When it’s time to serve up the snacks, simply layer celery leaves, chicken, and a dollop of aioli on slider buns. So easy, but so tasty!

No. 9: Buffalo Chicken in a Pocket

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We’ve got wings without the wings (and without the mess) for you next. This pocket recipe combines all the components of a plate of buffalo wings – chicken, hot sauce, blue cheese and celery -- in a pizza dough pocket. Yum!

What’s your favorite buffalo-flavored snack? Share below, and watch Kelsey make her buffalo sliders:

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