4 Deliciously 'Drunken' Recipes Featuring Red Wine

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired February 17, 2016

Wine isn’t just for drinking! Check out four delicious dishes that feature red wine as one of the main ingredients!

No. 1: Chianti-Glazed Spaghetti or Linguini with Rosemary and Pecorino

Rachael Ray Show

This spaghetti is literally cooked in red wine and rosemary, absorbing the wine’s rich, earthy flavor, and is then tossed with butter and Pecorino cheese. Simple but powerful!

No. 2: Drunken Spaghetti with Mushrooms and Chard

Rachael Ray Show

For this dish, your pasta “drinks” up red wine until it’s infused. Rach tosses it with sautéed lardons, chard, baby portobellos and grated Pecorino or Parimigiano-Reggiano – yum!

No. 3: Drunken Meatballs

Rachael Ray Show

These earthy beef meatballs are “drunken” due to the inclusion of red wine, and also feature sage, parsley, garlic and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

No. 4: Drunken Spaghetti with Sweet Roasted Beets and Ricotta Salata

Rachael Ray Show

This unconventional but exceptional pasta recipe starts with slightly undercooked spaghetti that is finished in a red wine reduction with diced roasted beets. For the grand finish, she tops with freshly grated ricotta salata cheese. Delish and very nutrish!

What’s your favorite varietal of wine? Share below!

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