7 Mouthwatering Dishes You Can Make With Frozen Ingredients

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired March 08, 2016

It’s winter which means fresh, in season produce can be hard to come by. There’s nothing wrong with using frozen, however, and we have 7 recipes that can be made with ingredients from your freezer!

Frozen Peas: Chicken with Orange, Sweet Vermouth and Tarragon Egg Noodles

Rachael Ray Show

Buttered eggs noodles and peas are the base for a delicious orange-vermouth chicken in this flavor bomb of a dish.

Frozen Spinach: Spaghetti Squash with Spinach and Ricotta

Rachael Ray Show

This recipe is like lasagna without all of those starchy carbs! Reduce the cheese to cut even more calories!

Frozen Puff Pastry: Grant’s Two-Ingredient Chocolate Hazelnut Palmiers

Rachael Ray Show

These fun cookies, which Grant has dubbed, “Nutella-phant Ears” are made by simply spreading Nutella on puff pastry, rolling, slicing and baking.

Frozen Corn: Tortellini Corn Chowder

Rachael Ray Show

This soul-warming quick and easy soup would be a perfect meal-in-a-hurry on a cool night.

Frozen Cherries: Abigail Derethik's Cherry-Almond Soda

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To make this delish drink, puree a cup of frozen cherries and pour into glasses, mix in almond syrup and top with soda water. Add a scoop of ice cream and brandied cherries, and it’s ready!

Frozen Berries: Dr. Oz's Total 10 Berry Smoothie

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This smoothie features nutrient-dense frozen berries, half a banana, vanilla almond milk, Omega-3 rich flaxseed oil, protein powder and ice, resulting in a cool and calorie-conscious beverage.

Frozen Peaches: Peach Bellini Cocktail

Rachael Ray Show

What better way to celebrate sweet, juicy frozen peaches than by highlighting them in an Italian-inspired Bellini cocktail?

What frozen ingredient can you not live without? Share below!

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