3 Totally Different Soda Bread Recipes to Make for St. Paddy’s Day

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired March 14, 2016

St. Patrick’s Day is only a few days away, and if you’re already starting to plan out your Irish-inspired menu, we have three very different soda bread recipes you should consider!

No. 1: Clodagh McKenna's Thyme-Herbed Soda Bread

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show

First we have a traditional Irish soda bread from the woman known as the “Irish Rachael Ray,” Clodagh McKenna. She says that serving this classic recipe to your guests is a true “Irish welcome.”

Tip: To check to see if your bread is done, knock on the bottom of the bread (carefully since it will be hot), if it sounds hollow inside, it’s done!

No. 2: Irish Soda Bread Waffle

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show

Next, we have a fun recipe that would be perfect for a St. Paddy’s Day breakfast. Aussie chef Curtis Stone adds extra baking soda, caraway seeds, buttermilk and raisins to his recipe to give the waffle that “soda bread” flavor.

No. 3: Clodagh McKenna's Baileys Irish Soda Bread Ice Cream

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show

Wait... what!? Soda bread IN your ice cream? Where do we sign up! Clodagh toasts soda bread crumbs with brown sugar and folds them into a beautiful vanilla custard. Then, simply pop in the freezer and stir every so often – no ice cream maker necessary!

Tip: After you remove the seeds from a fresh vanilla bean, dry the bean and add it to a container of sugar to get vanilla-flavored sugar.

What’s your favorite way to prepare soda bread? Share below, and check out Curtis Stone making his soda bread waffle:

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