3 Recipes that Feature the Salty Deliciousness of Potato Chips

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired March 14, 2016

Potato chips are so salty and crunchy and delicious that how could they not improve any food you add them to? Read on for three recipes that feature potato chips, from fried chicken to brownies!

No. 1: Grandma Ruthie’s Potato Chip Chicken

Rachael Ray Show

Adam Perry Lang shares his grandma's potato-chip coated fried chicken recipe that brings him back to his childhood (and we want to go back to his childhood with him for this crunchy, perfectly salty fried chicken!).

No. 2: Grant’s Salted Caramel Crunch Brownies

Rachael Ray Show

If loving these brownies is wrong, we don’t want to be right! Grant tops prepared brownie batter with store-bought caramel sauce and crushed potato chips and corn flakes, then bakes. Salty sweet deliciousness!

No. 3: Steakhouse Mac and Cheese

Rachael Ray Show

Richard Blais starts with his basic, no-fail mac and cheese recipe, then mixes in chopped leftover steak, horseradish, bacon bits, cheese, sour cream and leftover creamed spinach. He then tops it with breadcrumbs and potato chips. Which one of these do you want to make first? Tell us below!

Do you have a favorite recipe that features potato chips? Share below, and watch Adam Perry Lang make his potato chip fried chicken!

Grandma Ruthie’s Potato Chip Chicken

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Playing Grandma Ruthie’s Potato Chip Chicken

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