6 Inventive Corn on the Cob Recipes, Plus a Tip that Will Blow Your Mind

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 10, 2016

There are few summer treats that can compare to a fresh ear of corn on the cob. If you’re bored of your traditional toppings, read on for six delicious ways to top your corn! And then check out a corn on the cob tip that will blow your mind!

No. 1: Chili-Spiced Corn on the Cob

This to-die-for spicy corn on the cob is Richard Blais’ delish take on the corn you would find at a food cart on the streets of L.A., with the delectable addition of a prosciutto wrapper.

No. 2: Buffalo Bacon Corn

This corn on the cob feels like a meal! First you make a buffalo sauce by mixing butter, slightly cooked garlic, salt and hot sauce. Slather the sauce onto the corn, and sprinkles with bacon, blue cheese, and celery.

No. 3: Garlicky Garden Grilled Corn

This just couldn’t possibly get any easier. Take garlic and herb flavored Boursin soft cheese, pop it in the microwave, and just brush it thickly onto your grilled corn. Top with grated radish and chopped green onion.

No. 4: Smoky Mexican Street Corn

Rach grills corn then douses with a spicy cream sauce, and a sprinkling of queso fresco and chives. Yum!

No. 5: Maple BBQ Corn

This one is super easy and oh-so-delicious. Mix store-bought BBQ sauce with real maple syrup, salt and smoked paprika. Spread it onto the corn, then sprinkle with chives and fried onions.

No. 6: Pimiento Cheese Grilled Corn Topping

Rach makes her own quick pimiento cheese by throwing cream cheese, cheddar cheese, pimentos, hot sauce garlic and Worcestershire sauce in the food processor. She just spreads the cheese on the corn and enjoys!

Finally, check out Rachael’s quick, easy and no-mess method for slicing corn off the cob – it just may change your life!

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