3 Summer Corn Hacks That Will Change Everything

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Playing The Best Way to Butter Corn

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love an ear (or 2) of sweet summer corn, hot off the grill. But to truly master this American staple, read on for 3 aw-shucks-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that tricks Rachael swears by.

No. 1: The Best Way to Butter Corn

Rachael Ray Show

You may think you know the best and most efficient way to butter corn, but this trick was news to us. Rather than using an awkwardly straight butter knife, or rolling your corn around in a stick of butter, making a melty mess, why not just butter a slice of baguette, then use the malleable bread to rub the butter all over your corn? Brilliant!

No. 2: The Best Way to Grill Corn

Rachael Ray Show

Rach walks you through her foolproof method for grilling corn. First, pull back the corn husks and remove the silk. Next, tie the husks together so they stay neat, trim the uneven ends, then douse the husks in water so they won’t easily burn. Finally, brush some butter or olive oil onto your corn, and sprinkle on some salt, then place on the grill. When you start to see the corn browning, that means the corn sugars are developing and they’re done!

No. 3: The Best Way to Slice Corn Off the Cob

Rachael Ray Show

Whether you’re cutting raw corn off the cobb in order to freeze over the winter, or you’re slicing corn you’ve roasted for a recipe, it can be tricky to remove corn from the cobb without cutting yourself or making mess. So just use this simple tip from Rach. Take a small bowl and invert it inside a larger bowl. Hold the corn perpendicular on top of the smaller bowl, and slice down. The corn kernels will all fall into the bowl – no mess!

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