App of the Week: Seven-Layer Black Bean Dip

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired October 06, 2016

It’s the main attraction of every party. It’s the irresistible combination of cool sour cream, smoky guacamole, meaty bacon and spices. It’s your go-to snack as you park yourself on the couch to watch the big game. It’s seven-layer black bean dip!

Rachael whips up a spicy and creamy black bean dip for the first layer. Then she sprinkles some shredded pepper jack cheese over the top and piles on her smoky, grilled guacamole. How do you grill guacamole? Easy! Cut an avocado in half and drizzle the cut sides with lime juice and EVOO. Grill cut-side down until grill marks appear, then make your guac! The next layer is simple: combine chipotle in adobo with sour cream to make Chipotle Sour Cream. Top off the sour cream with a layer of that crunchy, meaty bacon. Add a layer of lettuce (you know… to make yourself feel better about all this), and finally the fresh pico de gallo.

Your party guests may never leave.

Tina and Grant’s 7-Layer Black Bean Hummus

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