Gluten-Free? Dairy-Free? Nut-Free? Health-Obsessed? 4 Recipes That Will Make Everyone Happy This Thanksgiving

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Playing 3 Recipes That Will Make Everyone Happy This Thanksgiving

Even if you’re a pro, it can be a tad overwhelming to cook for a big group at Thanksgiving. Throw in few allergies, your great aunt who’s always asking “if there are going to be healthy options” and your cousin that recently cut out gluten and dairy -- and menu-planning can feel next to impossible. Not anymore! Say hello to four unbelievably tasty recipes that are sure to win over even the toughest crowd.

Gluten-Free Sausage and Date Stuffing

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You might already have the building blocks for this sausage stuffing in your cabinet -- dates and oats (which are naturally gluten-free*). In a classic stuffing, the sausage fat gets soaked up by the bread, so there’s still plenty of room for butter, too. Here, you get the comforting butter flavor without grease overload by rendering the fat from the sausage first. With the help of the Frigidaire Gallery® Induction Range’s exceptional temperature control, slowly simmering without fear of burning is a cinch.

*If you’re cooking for someone with Celiac, look for gluten-free certified oats at the store. Since they’re often processed with other grains, regular oats could have trace amounts of gluten in them.

Healthied-Up Sweet Potato Casserole

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This classic gets slimmed down by swapping in buttermilk for heavy cream and banana slices for the marshmallow topping. And since the Induction Range can bring water to a boil in as little as 2 minutes*, it’ll be on the table faster than you imagined possible.

*10" induction burner with Power Boost, 6 qt./10" diameter pot, 1 qt. tepid water.

No-Cream, Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup

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Velvety smooth texture without cream? Yes it’s possible thanks to blended cashews. Making a messy soup without a burned on mess? Yes, that’s possible too since the Frigidaire Gallery® Induction Range heats pots, not the cooktop, so spills don’t burn on the surface. Just wipe it down for easy clean-up, which is a huge help when you’re making a zillion things at once with guests on their way.


Rachael Ray Show

Nut-lovers and nut-avoiders alike can dig into this “pecan” pie, which cleverly substitutes crispy rice cereal for nuts to mimic the taste and texture you love. To bring out a “nutty” flavor, the cereal is gently toasted in a skillet on the range top before being folded into the filling.

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