Help! I Over-Whipped My Whipped Cream

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 2:55 PM, November 18, 2016

Aired November 23, 2017

When you over-whip your whipped cream it can get grainy and chunky – not good! Chef Curtis Stone has an easy fix: add a couple tablespoons of heavy cream and use a spatula to gently fold that back in to get a light, creamy texture back.

If you’ve really over-whipped your cream to the point that it has separated into runny liquid and thick solids, there’s no going back. However, there’s an upside -- congratulations, you’ve just made freshly whipped butter! Watch how Curtis finishes the butter -- he strains off the liquid (actually squeezing it with his hands). Just add salt and you have fresh butter to pass with bread at the table.

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