The 10 BEST Cocktails from 2016 that You Will Still Want to Make Next Year

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 1:22 PM, December 22, 2016

Aired December 22, 2016

These liquid recipes are a look back on the best drinks from 2016 that will also up your 2017 cocktail game. We promise you’ll love sipping them as much as you’ll be proud to serve ’em!


#10: Aperol Spritz Ice Pops
Whether it’s a classy celebration or a hot summer day, this cocktail not only does this cocktail have an ice pop in it (everything is better when ice pops are involved!), but it’s pretty much guaranteed to make any day a great one. Cheers!


#9: Peachy Sweet Tea and Vodka
If you’ve never had real sweet tea, you’re missing out -- it’s the best! Combine that with some fresh, muddled peaches and a shot (or two… or three) of vodka, and you’ve got yourself one sweet cocktail!


#8: Curtis Stone’s Cherry Manhattan with Smoked Rosemary and Brandied Sour Cherries
Feeling fancy? This one not only tastes good, but you can put on a show while you make it! What we mean is, you have to “smoke” the rosemary by igniting a sprig of it! Now, that’s one smokin’ cocktail!


#7: Jeanette’s Foolproof Frose
As if rosé couldn’t get any better, we turned it into a ice-cool slushy. The kid in you just met the adult, and it’s a genius mix. Plus this drink is made with a lip-lickin’ raspberry simple syrup, and the entire beverage takes mere minutes to make!


#6: Jeanette and Grant’s Skinny Cocktail
This three-ingredient wonder will be your new go-to when planning a dinner party on the fly. Tequila, seltzer, and grapefruit come together in a fizzy blend with a kick. Almost too easy to remember, you can even ask the bartender at your next after-work happy hour to make it.


#5: Mary Giuliani's Snow Globe Cocktail
It’s the perfect New Year’s Eve punch bowl that’s too good for just one event. The rock candy, prosecco, vodka, and edible stars make it a party pleaser throughout the year. Too good for just one glass of bubbly, you won’t want to just sip this one.


#4: Curtis Stone’s Spiced Cranberry-Tangerine Cocktail
This make-ahead, reduction-syrup combo pairs well with tequila and will tickle your taste buds. The tart and sweet cranberry-tangerine rich flavor is balanced by the zing of ginger, one clove, and star anise. Muddled mint rounds it all out with an added fresh touch.


#3: John's 'Greased Lightning' Cocktail
You say cocktail, I say dessert. Because that’s just what this is, and it’s what dreams are made of for food lovers. This tall glass of heaven mixes root beer and rum, and tops it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an adult-only take on a float.


#2: Michael Symon’s Beer Cocktail
With this ultimate aperitif, the celebrity- and award-winning chef Michael Symon is our mixology hero. Simply a splash of wheat beer is added to the glass of bourbon, aperol, and fresh lemon juice for spirit-sipping bliss.


#1: John’s Pink Ricky (aka 'The Beauty School Dropout') Cocktail
Our fountain-glass favorite, we wish this was one fizzy beverage we could get on tap all the time. Lucky for you, it’s super simple to whip up with just vodka, lime juice, raspberry syrup, and seltzer. Topped with a Maraschino cherry, it’s like a grown-up Shirley Temple!


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