8 Recipes to Help You Recover From a Post-Valentine’s Day Breakup

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show

Dealing with a post-Valentine’s Day breakup? Whether your significant other was less than stellar in the gifts or romance department, or the holiday just made you realize he or she wasn’t the one for you, or worse yet, you got dumped, we’ve compiled 8 comfort foods, pasta dishes, snacks, and desserts to get you through post-Valentine’s Day trauma.

STAGE 1: Denial - “This can’t be happening.”

Fried Sweet Tea Chicken

Rachael Ray Show

There’s nothing like Sunny Anderson’s fried sweet tea chicken to make you forget your troubles. That crunchy coating, the juicy chicken, the realization you just ate the entire bucket -- oops!

Jalapeno Cucumber Margarita

Rachael Ray Show

This spicy and refreshing margarita will help fuel endless conversations with your girlfriends over what went wrong. Go ahead, have another! You deserve it.


Jalapeno Blue Cheese Bacon Burgers

Rachael Ray Show

Spicy? Check. Cheesy? Check. Bacon? Check. Avocado? Check. You have everything you need for one fantastic burger, whose memory will be with you long after your relationship went south.

STAGE 3 - BARGAINING - “How About Some Cheese? Would Cheese Make it Better?”

One Skillet Pimento Cheese Dip

Rachael Ray Show

Love may take a few dips and turns, but this pimento cheese dip stays simple. You only need one skillet and a fried onion garnish to make this dish complete. And just in case you’re wondering -- yes, more cheese WILL make everything better.

Bacon and Bay Tomato Sauce on Brown Spaghetti

Rachael Ray Show

When you’re mourning any breakup, bacon clearly needs to be involved. When you add it to this fragrant bay tomato sauce, you will have met your pasta goals. Plus, it counts as a protein, right?

STAGE 4 - DEPRESSION “Love is dead.”

Grant’s 2-Ingredient No-Churn Ice Cream

Rachael Ray Show

Quick and easy no-churn dulcé de leche ice cream? Yes please! Eat this straight from the container as you binge Netflix to distract yourself.

STAGE 5 - ACCEPTANCE - “At least there is always dessert.”

Skillet Hot Fudge Cake

Rachael Ray Show

A hot fudge skillet brownie with a nice big scoop of vanilla ice cream is an easy, one-pan dessert that you’ll keep dipping your spoon into for more. And no, you don’t need a date to share this with -- it’s ALL YOURS.

Mac and Blue with Beefsteak Tomato Salad

Rachael Ray Show

Toss your box of mac and cheese because this breakup is serious -- and so is this dish. Serve it with a side of bacon tomato salad (that kind of makes it healthy, right?), and you might be able to start moving on with your life. Or at least try.


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