2 New One-and-Done Slow Cooker Suppers That Are Perfect for Busy Weeknights (or Lazy Weekends)

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Playing Clodagh McKenna's Chocolate Beef Chili

Cooking dinner doesn’t have to involve an explosion of dirty dishes.

Take it from our girl Clodagh McKenna, who created these two tasty one-pot wonders for you to make on a busy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday -- or lazy Sunday (lazy as in… you won’t have lots of pots and pans to clean, and the slow cooker will do all the work!).

Just a few hours of mostly hands-OFF time is all you need to make these homey recipes.

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TIP: Don’t own a slow cooker, but you do have a Dutch oven? Guess what? They’re kinda the same! Just pop the Dutch oven into the oven at 175°F for the allotted cooking time.

Rachael Ray Show

Chocolate Beef Chili
Clodagh says this is her favorite dish (so it MUST be amazing, right?)! Like… there’s chocolate in it. And wine! And bacon! And chorizo! The list of drool-worthy ingredients goes on, and on. And, according to Rach, the dark chocolate has antioxidants in it, so it’s good for you!

Rachael Ray Show

Pepper Chicken Casserole
It’s a chicken casserole made in the slow cooker! By the way, don’t even think about skipping the browning part of this recipe. Color = flavor! The best part is you don’t even have to serve anything alongside this -- there’s already butternut squash and lots of veggies in there! Just add a dollop of sour cream and you’re good to go.

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