If You Liked It Then You Should Have Put an Egg on It

by Sarah Spigelman Richter 12:23 PM, February 23, 2017

Aired February 23, 2017

Eggs aren’t just a wholesome source of protein, they’re also totally on-trend.

Topping a breakfast or lunch dish with a deliciously drippy egg yolk has spawned Instagram handles, Twitter discussions and a renewed appreciation for the glorious egg.

Look no further for egg-cellent inspiration to get crackin’ in your kitchen!

Eggs Florentine in a Hole
Mix eggs with sauteed onions, crispy turkey bacon and spinach before cooking in a flaky biscuit and topping with stretchy mozzarella cheese. These morsels are delicious warm or room temperature and are perfect for a brunch buffet.

Huevos Rancheros Nachos
Move over, standard nachos and make way for this decadent plate. Chorizo-topped crunchy chips get a runny egg upgrade before being topped with dollops of cilantro and avocado green goddess crema. This is an unexpected and tasty way to ramp up any party!

Curtis Stone’s Poached Eggs with Bacon, Avocado and Lime Mojo
Runny eggs, crunchy bacon, buttery avocado and a sharp lime sauce make this dish a standout. It’s elegant enough for company, but don’t be surprised if you end up housing it all on your own.

Chef Anne Burrell's Stuffed French Toast
This savory French toast is stuffed with savory bacon, tomatoes and onions. It’s dusted in nutty Gruyere cheese and then topped with a golden fried egg. Wipe up that drool and get into the kitchen. It’s french toast time!

Scott Conant's Eggs in Purgatory
Poached eggs go Italiano in this spicy tomato sauce. There’s an unconventional addition of chipotles in adobo and a smoky, gentle heat that is tempered by the rich egg yolk as it breaks and enriches the tomato sauce.

Crispy Eggplant 'Benedict'
This dish is intricate, beautiful and delicious. Layer crispy slices of fried eggplant with ham and sauteed greens, then top the whole affair with creamy cheese bechamel sauce and a poached egg. It’s equally tasty with a glass of orange juice or a bottle of champagne.

Bird in a Grilled Cheese Nest
Grilled cheese is pretty perfect as is, but when you add a fried egg to the mix, it becomes even richer and more delicious. Truffle salt adds an earthy, luxurious touch.

Carbonara-Style Baked Stuffed Potatoes
With pre-baked potatoes, this meal comes together quickly with big flavor results. The potato flesh gets mixed with savory bacon and enriched with eggs and cheese before the mixture is piled back into crispy shells and topped with a runny egg. Add a simple salad and your dinner is complete.

Bob Harper's Skinny Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash
Decadent doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. This hash is loaded with sweet potatoes, homemade tomato sauce and topped with a fried egg. It’s a great, wholesome way to start your day or a satisfying midnight snack.

Grayson Altenberg’s Speedy Egg Sandwich
Sandwiches are always the answer when you need to eat on the go. This one has the ideal mixture of sweet, savory, crispy and creamy. Maple syrup is a surprising, delicious addition that complements savory bacon and sharp cheddar cheese.

Carbonara with Asparagus and Peas
This breakfast-meets-dinner dish comes together in a flash with a creamy, egg-based sauce. This comforting dish has all the good stuff: asparagus, peas, pancetta and even saffron. That’s exactly what you want when you get home from a vacation and everyone wants dinner, “now!”

Grilled Caesar Salad with Poached Eggs
Traditional Caesar salad looks so passe next to this grilled version. If you don’t have an outdoor grill, just use a grill pan to get the romaine lettuce smoky and charred. Add grilled chicken or salmon to make the meal more filling, or enjoy it as a starter with its perfectly poached egg.