Crispy vs. Cakey: The Delicious Cookie Duel with Duff Goldman

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Playing Chewy Vs. Crispy: What Type of Cookie is Best?

Crispy and thin vs. cakey and chewy isn’t something you have to cross your fingers and hope for while your cookies bake, according to celebrity baker and host of “Spring Bakers Championship,” Duff Goldman.

This Willy Wonka of the pastry world (he’s a thin and crispy cookie man, himself), says he started baking in college but even now learns from the young bakers on his television show.

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He says, “I did learn a lot about molecular gastronomy[...] I also learned don’t make promises to kids that you don’t intend to keep,” and now has a waffle tattoo to prove he keeps his promises!

The cookie recipes have similar ingredients like flour, butter and eggs, but the results are startlingly and deliciously different.

One of the most important steps is chilling the dough for the thin and crispy cookies, whereas fat and chewy cookies just get baked right after the dough is done mixing. Also, the thin and crispy cookies have a higher butter: flour ratio than the chewy, cakey kind.

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Watch the video above to see what kind of cookie Rach prefers and why she thinks Duff started baking in college (though he swears that isn’t the case). It’s pretty adorable and a must-see moment!


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