The Top 10 Recipes of March

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 1:57 PM, March 30, 2017

Aired March 30, 2017

From a homemade gnocchi you can’t mess up and the last mac n’ cheese recipe you’ll ever need, to puckyhuddle fries... wait, puckyhuddle? What’s that? Read on to find out!

No. 10: Mustard-Crusted Puckyhuddle Oven Fries

Puckyhuddle is an Old English word to describe a casual gathering and that’s what oven fries do: make us gather around them.

No. 9: No-Fail Gnocchi

This is Rach's family recipe, and happens to be her mother's favorite dish. Better yet -- you can’t mess it up!

No. 8: Penne with Brown Butter and Squash Sauce and Crispy Prosciutto

Crispy prosciutto makes all the difference in any pasta dish.

No. 7: Drunken Chicken with Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

This gluten-free chicken dish is made with salty pancetta and doused in Italian red wine.

No. 6: Chicken Ragu with Veggies

A lightened-up meat sauce combined with colorful veggies to herald in spring.

No. 5: Mac and Cheese

This classic mac and cheese will bring you back to your childhood.

No. 4: Croque Madame-Style Chicken Paillard

Rach turns the famous French sandwich into a tasty chicken dinner.

No. 3: Smoky Chicken Thighs and Zucchini

This five-ingredient meal is paleo-friendly and gluten-free.

No. 2: Drunken Mushroom Spaghetti

Make this ‘drunken’ pasta and save the rest of the wine to drink with dinner!

No. 1: Pasta Primavera with Saffron Cream

A comforting pasta that’s perfect for spring.

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