5 Creative Meals Using Canned Tuna That’ll Take You Back to 2003

by Jeanine Asencio 11:23 AM, March 29, 2017

Aired March 29, 2017

Do y’all remember the great tuna vs. chicken debate of 2003 when Jessica Simpson asked her then husband, Nick Lachey, if the canned tuna she was eating was chicken or fish? (The brand name clearly confused her.)

The puzzled look on his face -- the stare of disbelief. The horror! There were no words, in fact, he was speechless.

And this is where we leave you, tuna (and reality TV) lovers -- with flashbacks of LOLZ and a list of irresistible tuna recipes to try… or is it chicken?

Creamy Sicilian Ziti with Tuna, Capers and Green Olives

This pasta dish tastes like the good ol’ tuna casserole you know and love from childhood, except now it’s all grown up. It’s made with wine, cream, capers and olives.

Curtis Stone’s Pan Bagnat

This Niçoise-style sandwich is the perfect make-ahead lunch and doesn’t involve ANY cooking. Oh yea, that’s right -- this is going to be your new summer go-to meal!  Tuna is tossed with a homemade basil aioli and topped with lettuce, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, and onion all sandwiched between nice, crusty ciabatta bread.

Spaghetti and Tuna Balls

Now you can have the best of both worlds! This twist on classic spaghetti and meatballs is perfect for pescatarians who are looking to add a little less meat and a little more fish to their diets.

Bob Harper’s Avocado Tuna Salad

“I don’t like using mayonnaise!” says celebrity trainer Bob Harper. In place of it, he uses creamy, mashed avocado. Smear this healthy tuna salad on a piece of whole wheat toast or eat it straight from the bowl!

Tuna Casserole

You didn’t think we’d forget to include CLASSIC TUNA CASSEROLE did you?! We saved the best for last. The meaty tuna, the creamy mushroom sauce, the buttery, garlicky, crunchy topping!

“Man, I love tuna casserole!” says Rach. “I'm literally drooling, it’s crazy!”

We’re right there with ya, Rach. And, just for the record: it IS in fact, tuna -- not chicken -- though you can buy chicken in a can, too. But that’s an entirely different story.