3 Tasty Excuses to Eat Pancakes for Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner


Playing 3 Tasty Excuses to Eat Pancakes for Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner
3 Tasty Excuses to Eat Pancakes for Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner Aired July 11, 2017

Batter up! Baseball season is in full swing but we’re not playing ball -- Sunny Anderson stepped up to the plate with three simple knock-it-outta-the-park recipes made with pancake batter that go way beyond basic breakfast!

Because pancakes are a good choice for pretty much EVERY meal, right?

BREAKFAST: Easy PB&J Pancakes

If you’ve got some complete pancake mix (you know, the “just add water” kind) then you’ve got easy peanut butter and jelly pancakes in just minutes! Add smooth, creamy peanut butter to the batter for instant peanut buttery pancakes!

“The key to good pancakes is to let the batter sit for a minute,” says Sunny. “That’s going to allow everything to relax as far as gluten is concerned to give it a nice, airy crunch!”

Heat up your favorite flavor of jelly in a small pot with some maple syrup, pour it over the top of your steaming hot pancakes for one home run of a breakfast!

LUNCH: Easy Pancake Mix Corn Dogs

Get ready to knock your socks right outta the park, because Sunny’s done it again! This time, the pancake batter was used to make CORN DOGS.

Oh yea, using some basic pancake mix (the non-complete kind), all she added was a little milk and cornmeal. Dunk your hot dogs on sticks in the batter, toss ‘em in a deep fryer until golden perfection.

BRINNER: Easy Pancake Mix Cinnamon Bacon Rolls

“It’s the 7th inning stretch and we’re gonna make this pancake batter sing that song!” says Sunny. “Extra credit if you find the pancake mix that has blueberries in it!”

Using non-complete pancake batter, she drizzled in a little milk until it resembled biscuit dough. For the filling -- wait for it -- she put bacon in a food processor WITH SUGAR and let her rip!

“We’re basically making bacon-sugar, ya’ll!” says Sunny. “It’s good on doughnuts, too!”

To the bacony-sugary goodness, she added chopped pecans and pumpkin pie spice. Roll out the dough, spread out the filling and roll ‘em up!

Slice that log into 12 slices and bake them for 15 minutes. It’s hard to top perfection -- but she did -- with her homemade orange glaze to drizzle over the top.


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