Can You Use Raw Chicken Marinade to Baste Your Chicken?

by Cristina Corvino 3:00 AM, June 5, 2018

Aired June 5, 2018

Since there are oh so many ways to cook chicken (here are some of your favorites), it can be hard to keep the dos and don’ts straight.

So as a part of our big “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” show, Rach and Curtis Stone answered some of your pressing chicken questions.

Question: After raw chicken is marinated, can I use that marinade to baste the chicken?

Answer: “Oh, you sure can,” says Curtis. “Now, the only thing you don’t want to do is use that raw marinade in a sauce, because then, of course, you’d be eating the marinade that came into contact with the raw chicken.”

So, long story short, as long as your basted chicken is going back in the oven (as it typically does), you’re good to go!

“Just don’t put it on at the end,” Rachel adds.

Pro tip: As Emeril told us, be sure not to leave your oven door open while you’re busy basting, or else the heat will escape before you put the chicken back in to finish cooking! 


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