Cook Once, Eat All Week? We Put This Meal Prep Recipe to The Test

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Playing Cook Once, Eat All Week? We Put This Meal Prep Recipe to The Test

We all know how it goes! The weekend ends, the work week starts and the luxury of time to cook nutritious, cost-efficient meals goes out the window.

Well, that's why meal-prep master and founder of FlavCity, Bobby Parrish, gets it all done ahead of time.

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"You spend 30 minutes to 60 minutes on a Sunday [and] prep 5 to 7 lunches or dinners for the week," Bobby advises. "You save money, you have your meals done and you're not bingeing on bad food at restaurants."

So, when he visited our show, Bobby walked the walk.

He showed Rach his 5-ingredient chicken dish that only takes TWENTY MINUTES to whip up. And he stretched it into multiple meals to use throughout the week!

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In this case, each individual meal ultimately cost him $2 to $3! Plus, he says each one has 11 grams of fat and 59 grams of protein. Whoa!

To see the meal-prep magic for yourself, watch the video above!

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