Meet the Woman Playing Elsa in "Frozen" on Broadway!

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Playing Meet Caissie Levy, the First Disney Princess to Wear Pants as Elsa in "Frozen" on Broadway!

There's a new ice queen in town!

By now, EVERYONE (especially anyone with a little one at home!) is well acquainted with Disney's 2013 blockbuster "Frozen" — not to mention it's leading lady Queen Elsa, voiced by Broadway legend Idina Menzel.

And, of course, who doesn't know all the words to Elsa's anthem, "Let It Go"?

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Well, nearly five years after the tale of the ice queen and the sister who wouldn't give up on her hit theaters, the story's made the leap to Broadway — and with a new Elsa.

Say hello to your new queen, Caissie Levy!

"It's crazy [getting to go to work on 'Frozen']. I can't believe I get to play this role," says Caissie, who shares Elsa's long, platinum hair.

And even though the film is SO well known, she says she learned even more about her famous magical queen. "I knew 'Let It Go,' and I knew a lot of the songs from the film," she explains. "But once I auditioned and I was working on the show, I really felt like I learned more about the depth of these characters. And to see how much it touches people's lives, how much it means to people…"

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And not just the legions of little boys and girls who loved the movie! Caissie says her 2-year-old son, Isaiah, who gets to visit her at the theater, is just as enamored with his mom's latest gig. "It's pretty cool," she says. "He knows 'Let It Go.' He sings it all the time!"

She adds, "There's something about that song. It's sort of touched by another universe."

There is something that Caissie gets as the stage Elsa, though, that's all her own and completely separate from the film: She gets an ice-inspired costume that includes PANTS!

(Quite a change from Elsa's iconic bedazzled, slitted dress, right?)

For more from Caissie — including the thing from set she'd love to bring home with her and some dish on the cast recording! — watch the video above!

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