5 Easy Date Night Recipes From Rach for a Romantic Valentine's Day!

Carbonara Bucatini
Photo credit: Ballantine Books/Christopher Testani Aired February 12, 2016

Rachael always says that the way to anyone's heart is through their stomach, and these five recipes are some of Rachael's most popular date night dishes from over the years.

Whether you're trying to impress a new flame, or treat your longtime love to a special meal, we've got five delicious dinner options that will impress your significant other.

(If you really want to impress, try making one of these foods shaped like hearts and roses!)

No. 1: "You Won't Be Single For Long" Penne Alla Vodka

"You Won't Be Single For Long" Penne Alla Vodka
Rachael Ray Show

"I taught a very simple penne alla vodka, vodka cream pasta sauce," Rachael said. "And I started getting letters from some of our viewers, that they made it for their boyfriends and they got engaged after they fed them this delicious meal. So, I renamed the recipe 'You Won’t Be Single For Long.'" 

When cooking the pasta for this recipe, as with all pasta dishes, Rachael says to salt the water after it's already boiling, so the salt won't stick to the bottom and scar the surface of your pot. Also, take the pasta out just one minute shy of al dente, or the package instructions, since it will finish cooking while you mix in the sauce.

No. 2: Carbonara Bucatini

Carbonara Bucatini
Ballantine Books/Christopher Testani

Carbonara is Rachael's husband, John's, favorite dish – he often requests it for birthdays and special occasions.

Whenever she makes pasta, Rachael's tip is to save an extra half-cup of the starchy pasta water before you drain the pasta, to toss in with the cooked pasta.

No. 3: Creamy Shallot Pasta with Brandy

That's Shallotta Flavor Creamy Pasta with Brandy
Rachael Ray Show

Rachael's husband, John, shows how you can make a delicious pasta meal with just shallots, cream + a touch of brandy. In just a few steps, and using just two pots, your Valentine's Day dinner will be ready in no time!

No. 4: Pinwheel Steaks

Rachael Ray Show

Rachael and John's go-to dish for a date night at home! She made this for a date night during the pandemic – special, yet easy!

You can save time by using a vegetable peeler to shave the parmesan cheese for this dish!

No. 5: Pork Chops with Maple, Mustard & Capers

Pork Chops With Maple, Mustard & Capers
Rachael Ray Show

If your dinner date loves something sweet and salty, Rachael's got you covered with this easy pork chop recipe. Using just one skillet (fewer dishes to clean!) you can cook your bone-in pork chops in a pan sauce using just maple syrup, mustard, and capers.

"Don't forget to brown your edges," says Rachael. You can sear the sides of your pork chop by taking tongs and manipulating every edge to touch the hot skillet.

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